Great announcement! We don’t give up and our Swing’n’Milan will be there again this year, even if in a reduced format!… As you know, we are hardened by adversity, and the Covid will not stop us! See you on Saturday, October 10 at the Spirit de Milan: there will be the legendary Gentlemen and Gangsters, coming from Stockholm, for a gig that will leave you breathless. On stage also a dance show!
You will find a vintage corner to live again the atmosphere of swing era that we like so much.
Bring with you the smile, the desire to listen great music and to have fun. Do not forget the mask!

(Everything will be carried out according to safety standards)


Swing’n’Milan is a festival that celebrates music and dance, dedicated to special people who gather together for a four-days of an intensive, immersive and incredible experience!


In October 2013 we have presented to the city of Milan the first festival entirely dedicated to swing music and dance. And here we are again, ready for the seventh edition!