KLAXON is a Milan-based independent creative agency founded in 2000.
It has started in the field of exhibition design, and has specialized over the years in event planning, stage management and production.
Klaxon is small, but thinks big! It mixes together creativity and technical skills to produce events of all shapes and sizes. Customer success is Klaxon’s mission statement: by being approachable, flexible, transparent and reliable, it organizes events that live in the memory forever.

Golden Swing Society brings together all lovers of the “Swing Era”, and promotes the knowledge of the music, the styling and the dances that were so fashionable in the States in the period between the ‘20s and the ‘40s.
Golden Swing Society was founded in 2011 by Matteo De Stefano, and its goal is to become a reference point to all swing professional dancers and amateurs in Italy, by creating an unique atmosphere during their events.
For those who want to approach the magical world of the swing era, Golden Swing Society organizes multiple dance courses of Lindy Hop, jazz, charleston, balboa and shag, in group or private lessons.