Swing’n’Milanis a festival celebrating Swing music and dance, dedicated to special people who gather together for a four-days intensive, immersive and incredible experience!

We are delighted to welcome people from all over the world for a four nights festival offering top level concerts, entertainment and vintage culture, in the already legendary location Spirit de Milan.

In 2013 we have proposed to the city of Milan the first edition of the festival, which has introduced our audience to the unique and authentic Swing music and culture. The following three editions have been even more successful and the Milanese people have thoroughly appreciated them – well, let’s say it: they went crazy for them! We’re now almost ready for the fifth edition – an event not to be missed.

Last year’s edition has been more intense than ever, adding to its already rich program several workshops of lindy hop, shag and solo jazz lessons for all tastes and levels, in the magical location of the Spirit – this year’s will be no exception!

If you’re curious to experience the swing culture, the music and the style of the roaring ‘30s and ‘40s, taste good food and enjoy a top level entertainment, this festival is for you.