When we decided to create a band like the famous swing ensembles of the Thirties we had really nothing in hand, except for a big records collection from which to take inspiration, and a great group of dancers to look at. But “those” were no less than Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Chick Webb… What a challenge for an Italian group of musicians!

The core of NP Big Band was the well-known Nine Pennies Orchestra. The actual ensemble has been formed after a long search among friends and other musicians, and the first few charts have been written, after listening carefully to the records and spending countless hours on the piano.

NP Big Band comprises a family of players in which the atmosphere is relaxed, easy and enjoyable, everyone likes to play this music and no “prima donnas” are allowed except for Erica, ”the lady who swings the band”, whose charismatic vocal persona and vibrant talent has fully gained her this title.

Every tune is played with heartfelt enthusiasm, you will hear the fantastic drive of the rhythm section, the powerful brass section, the swinging but, when necessary, sweetest reeds… We are sure that somewhere in heavens Benny, Artie and the other Greats, while listening to our concerts, will comment: “Way to go, kiddos!”

Trumpets: Massimo Rapetti, Orlando Coccoglioniti, Grazia Favale, Enrico Oliveri
Tromboni: Denis Trapasso, Tony Carvelli, Ian Veronese, Andrea Calcagno
Sax: Paolo Maffi, Roberto Trabona, Paolo Piccardo, Antonio Maffezzoni
Clarinetto: Alberto Oliveri
Piano: Luca Lamari
Guitar: Marco Parodi
Double bass: Roberto Resaz
Drums: Luca Rigazio
Vocal: Erika Celesti