Norma Miller, known as “the Queen of Swing” is a songwriter, choreographer, dancer, comedian and actress, an amazing artist whose career is still active after over seven decades.

She expressed a strong interest in dance as a young girl and started her professional career in the ‘30s. She witnessed the birth of Swing, which she describes as: “When swing started to be played in the ballrooms we were sure that a new music genre had been born. It was a dance done with feeling and without restrictions and, unlike the tip tap, it is a partner dance and connects boys and girls. The music is extraordinarily powerful, thanks to great musicians such as Count Basie, who in my opinion was the best and the one I was mostly fond of.”

Norma grew up in the back of the Savoy Ballroom, the only place in Harlem that was open to both black and white people, unlike the Cotton Club where only white dancers were allowed. “Discrimination has never been an issue inside the Savoy, although we were living in a racist country. Swing had broken all the barriers, everybody enjoyed to dance all together just because they loved the music. The colour of their skin was of no importance among the dancers. We were always inclusive and we were the people that everybody wanted to be around, because we were the creators of the Swing.” 

This is an unmissable occasion to see a legendary icon on stage. Her tour will take her to 5 European cities and the last venue will be the Spirit de Milan during the Festival, where she’ll spread once again the joy and history of Lindy Hop to new generations of swing dancers and interested audiences.

She is the last witness of the Swing golden era, the one who has outlived all the dances of that period, the true and only icon of the lindy hop, having worked and danced with all the most famous musicians, singers and actors, such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Cab Calloway Duke Ellington, Chick Webb, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis jr, Red Foxx and Richard Pryor.

You can’t miss it!!