Mauro L. Porro is a well-known Italian young classic jazz musician, widely recognized by the European press and music community as “one of the most brilliant talents of the latest continental traditional jazz scene”.
Deeply rooted and specialized into the so-called “hot” and “swing” jazz (developed in America between the three decades 1920-1930 -1940) performed with the help of antique instruments and techniques, Mauro Porro normally plays a wide range of instruments from piano to drums, passing through a great number of wind instruments (clarinet, all kind of saxophones, trumpet/cornet).
From the age of 16, he’s been performing all over Europe on the most renowned stages in France, Germany, Holland, Spain, United Kingdom, etc, with some of the best Italian and international hot jazz and swing musicians.
Mauro Porro regularly free-lances as a musician by playing and recording with a bunch of jazz (even not only jazz!) combos of all types, included some be-bop ensembles too.
In the end, his work as an enthusiastic and prolific music arranger let him to achieve a special approval too, having arranged lately for Vince Giordano Nighthawks (2013 Grammy Award Winner).
Mauro L. Porro is widely known within the international hot&classic jazz scen,e as well as in the Italian circuit of authentic Swing Jazz music played for Lindy-Hoppers and vintage dancing lovers.