00 - Cos'è il Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop originated in Harlem, New York City and reached its height in popularity from the late 1920s to the late ‘40s.
It is a fun and unrestrained partner dance, however, there are some solo and group routines, such as the Shim Sham and California.
The Lindy Hop combines elements and moves from the Charleston, Tap, Shag and the Cakewalk.

According to legend, the dancer Shorty George Snowden gave Lindy Hop its name at a dance marathon celebrating Charles Lindbergh’s (Lindy) flight across the Atlantic (Hop).
While performing an already popular dance in a Harlem dancehall, Shorty broke away and announced, “I’m doin’ the Hop… the Lindy Hop,” making reference to a headline in the newspaper that day.
Lindbergh’s plane “the Spirit of St. Louis”, which made the flight from New York to Paris, is the symbol of our project.